BACnet MS/TP Development Kit

The BACnet MS/TP Development Kit is a great way to start working with BACnet in a microcontroller. The board is ideal for experimenters, developers, engineers, or as a main cpu board for a more advanced system. Program download and run is easily executed in-system using the Atmel AVR Dragon, JTAGICEmkII, other ATmega programming tool, or using the integrated FTISP USB connection.

The board utilizes the Atmel AVR ATMega644P microcontroller with 64k of In-System Flash Memory, running at 18.43Mhz, allowing up to 18.43 MIPS (million-instructions-per-second). All power supply components and crystal are in place for the microcontroller. Connectors are provided for RS-485, RS-232, USB, power and all I/O pins, via standard polarized connections or pin headers. 

Development software is included, together with code examples from the open source BACnet Stack hosted on, to get you up and running quickly.

Please note: This is a complete unit, ready to run, and not an unassembled kit. Power supply is included.

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