Firmware Development and BACnet Consulting

Steve Karg, an experienced BACnet® product developer, provides BACnet® product development consulting to companies and individuals. Steve is passionate about high quality software, and has many years of embedded software engineering experience.  Contact Steve to get started right away, or order a BACnet MS/TP Development Kit to learn at your own pace.

Steve presented "Using BACnet for Lighting Applications" during a Department of Energy workshop in 2002. The presentation listed some ideas to overcome any potential roadblocks to BACnet implementation. One of those roadblocks was an open source BACnet® protocol stack. After working on the open source projects BACnet4Linux and BACnet Visual Test Shell, Steve decided to create the BACnet Stack hosted on®. Steve has also contributed to the open source BACsharp and BACpypes projects, and continues to help maintain the BACnet dissectors in the open source network protocol analyzer Wireshark®/Ethereal®.

Steve has been an SSPC 135 BACnet committee member since 2001, shortly after completing a course titled “Networking DDC Systems Using BACnet” at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Steve has designed and developed BACnet products and systems and has brought products successfully through the BACnet Testing Labs (BTL). Steve participates on the BTL working group, the BACnet Objects and Services working group, the BACnet protocol stack working group, and leads the BACnet Lighting Applications working group.

Steve has also presented BACnet Developer training.  Here are some slides from the training.

As the creator of the open source BACnet Stack hosted on®, Steve can provide architectural and platform porting, feature customization and optimization, and new functionality implementation. Steve contributes free BACnet community technical support on the BACnet developers mailing list for the BACnet Stack hosted on®. Steve provides private advice and general BACnet product and application development support directly through Karg Service Company.

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